Our Story

Born out of inspiration and love, Juicily Ginger offers the marvelous benefits stored up in ginger. As a popular spice in cuisines, herbal teas and folk medicines in Africa, India and Asia, Juicily Ginger desires to further advance the use of ginger in Canada and beyond.


Ginger is amazingly nutritious in every way and highly beneficial
Weight Loss
Detoxifies and cleanses the body
Boosting the immune system
Aides digestion
Good remedy for morning sickness
Serves as an antioxidant

Safe & Hygienic

While sticking true to the traditional flavor and heritage of our product, we embrace safe techniques in processing our ginger products which includes Organic Chunk Ginger, Organic Crushed Ginger and cold pressed juices.

No additives or preservatives

Juicily Ginger holds the mission to promote the health benefits of ginger. Our ginger products are made fresh with 100% natural and organic ingredients, with no additives or preservatives. Thus, giving natural sweetness and goodness for a healthy life.


Juicily Ginger is located in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. The main ingredient in our juice is ginger. Cold pressed pineapple, lemon and hibiscus flower (Roselle), make up our Juicily Ginger family
Working with ginger has inspired the birthing of new ginger products like our Crushed Ginger, which is great for marinating, herbal tea and smoothies. We also carry Chunk Ginger which can be used for various cooking ideas from juicing to soups and much more.